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The policy acknowledges the reality of contemporary public safety issues, and allows for both improved protection against items being smuggled into the stadium as well as faster passage through security screening at stadium entrances.

Things that fans normally carry in pockets can still come into the stadium in pockets – such as keys and cell phones.

The following items are prohibited from entering Styslinger/Altec Stadium:

  • Cameras other than cell phones
  • Coolers
  • Briefcases
  • Backpacks
  • Computer and Camera bags
  • Luggage of any kind
  • Seat cushions with zippers, pockets or compartments
  • Outside food or drink (one sealed bottle of water permitted)
  • Laser pointers
  • Noisemakers
  • Throwing objects
  • Radios (except pocket size with headsets)
  • Animals (except those assisting disabled guests)
  • Firearms, weapons, or knives of any kind


The City of Highland Park has asked us to be courteous neighbors and refrain from parking in the neighborhoods adjacent to the Styslinger/ALTEC Tennis Center. To view lots and garages that are accessible for parking please click here.


Ticket Policy


· There are no refunds, cancellations or exchanges.

· Ticket charges and handling fees are non-refundable.

· Before completing your order, carefully review your event and seat selection.

· All orders are processed on a secure website.

· Once a match has begun your ticket is non-refundable. Retired matches, player default, injury or other such reasons for cancelation do not apply.

· The tournament reserves the right to move, reschedule or adjust matches accordingly with the ATP World Tour. This does not make you eligible for a refund or exchange.

· By presenting a ticket for admission to the Dallas Open, you hereby consent to (i) the reasonable search of your person and belongings for prohibited items; (ii) the use of your image or likeness incidental to any live or recorded video program, photograph or other transmission or reproduction of the tournament for any and all purposes; If you agree to receive promotional messages from the Dallas Open and its partners; (iv) the prohibition against transmitting or aiding another in the transmission of any description, account photograph or reproduction of any aspect of the tournament.

The following policy applies to individual session tickets purchased directly (and not via ticket auction, exchange, resale or other secondary ticket outlet) through DallasOpen.com or in person at the tournament box office. Please note that this policy does not apply to any weeklong duration packages or suites. Nor does it include any tickets issued on a complimentary or trade basis. If the tournament or a session(s) is postponed or cancelled due to weather or other causes beyond our control, tournament management will make every effort to reasonably accommodate the individual session ticket holder on a subsequent session, if held. Dallas Open cannot guarantee ticket availability, exchange of equal value or comparable seat location. All ticket exchanges are final, and there will be NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS. In addition, patrons are advised that the Dallas Open schedule of play is subject to change for all sessions. Tickets are not eligible for refund or exchange due to one or more changes in the Dallas Open schedule of play.